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Why Should You Belong to TORCH?

TORCH is Your Business Partner in:

  • Education
  • Management
  • Professional Excellence
  • Legislative/Regulatory Domains

  • Providers need to understand these facts of business life: TORCH does things for each of us we cannot do for ourselves.
  • Adverse legislation can come from efforts to reduce services capabilities or financially cripple assisted living communities.
  • We lobby to protect assisted living providers and to assure their residents’ welfare.
  • We, individually, don’t have the awareness, time, or money to go to Austin for weeks at a time to protect or sponsor legislation. We can assure TORCH represents and protects our interests. In Austin and with Congress or Federal agencies.
  • For several years TORCH has defended the assisted living industry and assured representation in the Legislative arena and in DADS’ regulatory offices.
  • As a result, one of the most valuable benefits of your TORCH membership is work on YOUR behalf with the Texas Legislature, Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), Area Agency on Aging, and other regulatory and social services agencies.
  • This assures issues crucial for the Assisted Living Industry are promptly addressed to protect your interests.

82nd and 83rd Legislative Sessions - 2013 and 2011
TORCH Continues Assisted Living Days at the Capitol for Both Sessions
Recent critical issues and recent legislative action included:

  • Flawed legislation to cut into existing wavier programs, would have provided tax credits for out of state developers and would have allowed these new operations to operate with fewer regulations than would apply to other assisted living communities. These restraint-of-trade legislative campaigns halted by TORCH
  • Proposed legislation that would have decreased waiver programs, as well as provided tax credits and a more lax regulatory environment to out-of-state developers than other assisted living communities were halted by TORCH.
  • AL/RC rates for CBA and CCAD were maintained in a year were major cuts were seen in most state budgets. TORCH took the lead
  • Additional funds for CBA were found to increase slots for low-income residents. TORCH took the lead
  • TORCH fought for increased CBA funds, which funded additional low-income Assisted Living beds.

TORCH is your advocate for quality care for the elderly and disabled, an activist for residential care and assisted living, and a supporter for providers. If you’re looking for an industry-led organization, and are interested in advancing the goals of TORCH, we invite you to join us. It’s a new day for TORCH. That means providers will gain opportunities – for education, for professional skills, for improvements in the culture of resident care, and for legislative protection and initiatives.


  • an advocate for quality elder care,
  • an activist for residential assisted living, and
  • a champion for providers.

If you are interested in what TORCH offers, please join us. Providers access educational and networking opportunities and assist with legislative initiatives.
TORCH is every provider’s silent business partner.

80th and 81st LEGISLATIVE SESSIONS – 2009 and 2007
TORCH Sponsors First Assisted Living Day at the Capitol - February 10, 2009
Critical actions killed these proposed adverse bills:

  • Proposed a smoking ban which would have affected Texas’ residents of Assisted Living communities. We worked to get long term care exempt. HB5-Bill killed
  • HB5 smoking ban would have affected Texas’ Assisted Living residents. TORCH succeeded in exempting long-term care.
  • A requirement to finger print all employees of Assisted Livings. SB76-Bill killed
  • SB76A would have required all Assisted Living employees to be fingerprinted. TORCH prevented passage.
  • Would deny the right of residents to arbitrate disputes. TORCH believes residents and families have rights to resolve disputes without expensive court actions. SB222-Bill killed
  • SB222 would have denied residents the right to arbitrate disputes. TORCH believes residents have the right to resolve disputes without court action and prevented passage.
  • Would require Assisted Living providers to supply personal ID devices for all residents. HB242-Bill killed
  • HB242 would have required Assisted Living providers to supply personal identification devices for all residents. TORCH prevented passage.
  • Would prevent providers in the CBA/CCAD programs who wanted to withdraw from their contracts, from releasing residents on those contracts. HB1186-Bill killed
  • HB1186 would have prevented CBA/CCAD providers from releasing residents who wished to withdraw from their contracts. TORCH prevented passage.
  • Would require Assisted Livings in storm-prone areas to supply emergency generators, even if their emergency plan was to evacuate. HB1710-Bill killed
  • HB1710 would have required Assisted Living facilities in storm-prone areas to obtain emergency generators. TORCH prevented passage.

Sometimes the best lawmaking response is to prevent laws decreasing the quality of resident care and/or resulting in inflated expenses for providers. Bills sponsored by adverse interests were killed. TORCH eliminated them as threats to providers – they would harm all providers and reduce YOUR bottom line.

The best action is often prevention, particularly when it comes to legislation that decreases residents’ quality of life and/or increases provider expense. TORCH is on your team!

  • Lowered the state franchise tax on small businesses earning under $1 million in annual revenue. SB19-Bill passed
  • SB19 lowered small business state franchise tax. Passed!
  • Reimbursements for CBA and CCAD Providers: CBA and CCAD providers gained an added increase in Medicaid provider rates starting Sept. 1, 2009 from $0.82 - $1.10 daily per resident. Rate increases were legislated to help compensate for hourly wage increases when the federal minimum wage increased.
  • CBA and CCAD provider reimbursements increased from 82¢ to $1.10/day/resident. These increases help compensate federal minimum wage increases.
  • TORCH Lobbyists, along with four other TORCH Government Relations members travel to Washington D.C, to meet with the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to advocate for Medicaid recipients -- October 2009!!!!
  • TORCH lobbyists and Government Relations Committee met with Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) in Washington DC to promote Medicaid recipients - October 2009.

In the first years, a resolute lobbying effort – involving two seasoned professionals -- saw early productive results on:

Two seasoned professionals saw early productive results with:

  • Flawed legislation that prohibited any building that had ever been licensed as a nursing home from participating in wavier programs if they converted to an assisted living facility. SB1055- amended to correct the issue affecting TORCH members.
  • SB1055 would have prohibited nursing homes that were converting to assisted living facilities from participating in waiver programs. Bill was amended.
  • Flawed legislation to force CBA providers to keep a resident if they decided to no longer participate in the wavier programs. HB 2474-Bill killed
  • o HB 2474 would have forced CBA providers to retain CBA residents, even after leaving the program. TORCH prevented passage.

TORCH typically honors a Legislator in each session who advocates for TORCH residents’ welfare and TORCH providers’ business success. With time, this contributes to building a pool of trusted and available allies in both legislative houses.

TORCH regularly honors legislators who serve as advocates for residents and providers. This builds a pool of trusted congressional allies.


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